Southern Living

I’ve adored Southern Living Magazine for years for so many reasons.  One could say I’m a sucker for rustic home decor, delectable comfort food, and all things southern related.  When I’m driving on these beautiful backroads of East Tennessee, truly one of the most beautiful places on this earth, I can’t help but to catch glimpses of the golden sun melting into the rolling mountains, aged barns that hold both hay and memories, and the antiquated farm houses where southern families live and phrases like “y’all” and “just give me a holler” are genuinely exchanged on front porches.

Southern Living will be featuring an article on its Favorite Places to Shop in Knoxville in an upcoming edition.  Coldstream Market, one of my personal favorite shops, was chosen as one of Southern Living’s Favorite Places to shop.  I was fortunate enough to shoot some images for the magazine, and I was super ecstatic when Southern Living contacted me to shoot some more upcoming projects.  My southern heart is filled to the brim.



Stooksbury Family: Market Square Christmas Session


Happy Christmas Eve!  Go grab a cup of hot chocolate, cozify yourself, and get ready to melt over this super sweet Christmas session.


I could have just squealed when Kim said she wanted to do a Christmas Session at one of my favorite stores- Coldstream Market.  This store is the perfect mix of old and new with a vintage, eclectic vibe.  The owner, Sandy, is a friend of mine, and I am so thankful she opened her shop early one morning just for us.  This has got to be one of my favorite sessions ever because you know I’m a sucker for candid, natural shots.  Kim also is a mastermind when it comes to styling shoots, and I am so in love with her outfits choices for her family.  When I win the lottery, I plan to hire her as my personal shopper.  She doesn’t know of my plan, but something tells me she would be okay with it.

I am so very grateful for clients who become friends, capturing happy families, and everything Christmas represents.  Here’s to celebrating the birthday of our Savior, the best gift we have every received.


Wood Family

Family sessions when the leaves are vibrant and crisp are among some of my favorite things, especially when I get the opportunity to hang out with and capture my dear friend Maleia’s family.  Emmy and Blake are filled to the brim with sweetness and personality, and I feel beyond privileged to capture that in photographs.  Love you, Minky, and your sweet family!

{P.S.  I am just a little behind, and by a little I mean a lot, with blogging and posting to FB due staying busy shooting so much.  I’m not complaining one bit about that.  Get ready for several posts over the next few weeks from fall and Christmas sessions of some super cute families.}

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