Wood Family

Family sessions when the leaves are vibrant and crisp are among some of my favorite things, especially when I get the opportunity to hang out with and capture my dear friend Maleia’s family.  Emmy and Blake are filled to the brim with sweetness and personality, and I feel beyond privileged to capture that in photographs.  Love you, Minky, and your sweet family!

{P.S.  I am just a little behind, and by a little I mean a lot, with blogging and posting to FB due staying busy shooting so much.  I’m not complaining one bit about that.  Get ready for several posts over the next few weeks from fall and Christmas sessions of some super cute families.}


{Jones :: Family}

I absolutely LOVED this fall session with the Jones Family!  The leaves were vibrant, the weather was awesome, and Baby Piper was all smiles.   She is seriously one of the prettiest babies ever due to those amazing eyes and  infectious smile.  Plus, if my camera could only capture her contagious laughter when I would shake her favorite toy, a plush toy of Goofy, you would absolutely melt.  Also, can we also  please discuss how Britney is amazing at styling each member of the family in the perfect outfits?  Mixing patterns and coordinating is so much more flattering and aesthetically appealing than the overly matchy-matchy look.  Britney chose a checkered button-up, herringbone vest, leggings, booties, and a statement necklace for her look.  Her husband, Aaron, wore a plaid  button-up and blue jeans for a casual, relaxed, yet put together look.  Baby Piper wore two looks- one in a plaid button-up and toboggan, and the other in her cute halloween “boo!” top.  Her awesome leather moccasins pulled both looks together.  All outfits complemented each other, and this always helps in the overall look of the photographs.  :)

Happy fall, y’all!





{Kaitlyn & Quinton: Engagement Session}

This engagement session was extra special to me because I taught Kaitlyn nine years ago in freshman English when I was a first year teacher.  How is that even possible that I have been teaching this long?  Then, I coached her in high school tennis before she went on to play at Cumberland.  She’s now a college graduate who is engaged to her sweetheart, Quinton, who seems to be perfect for her.  I left this session reflecting on how fast time goes by, how God places people in our lives for different reasons and different seasons, and how we have the ability to influence and love them.  I am so very grateful for a full time career that allows me to teach and impact young adults, and I am so thankful for a “hobby/job” that allows me to be creative, see people at their happiest times in life, and capture smiles, laughs, and moments frozen in time, never to be forgotten.

Kaitlyn, I tried not to tear up too much when editing these photos, but I couldn’t help it.  You have grown up to be a beautiful, still just as sweet as ever, smart, talented young woman who has so much to give this world.  You are going to be one beautiful bride, and boy, is Quinton one lucky groom.  You two seem like the perfect match (no pun intended with the tennis term).  Oh, and I know I may have taught you that “love” means nothing in the game of tennis, so please disregard that when applying that term to marriage.  ;)   Congratulations, Kaitlyn and Quinton!


F a c e b o o k