{Kaitlyn & Quinton: Engagement Session}

This engagement session was extra special to me because I taught Kaitlyn nine years ago in freshman English when I was a first year teacher.  How is that even possible that I have been teaching this long?  Then, I coached her in high school tennis before she went on to play at Cumberland.  She’s now a college graduate who is engaged to her sweetheart, Quinton, who seems to be perfect for her.  I left this session reflecting on how fast time goes by, how God places people in our lives for different reasons and different seasons, and how we have the ability to influence and love them.  I am so very grateful for a full time career that allows me to teach and impact young adults, and I am so thankful for a “hobby/job” that allows me to be creative, see people at their happiest times in life, and capture smiles, laughs, and moments frozen in time, never to be forgotten.

Kaitlyn, I tried not to tear up too much when editing these photos, but I couldn’t help it.  You have grown up to be a beautiful, still just as sweet as ever, smart, talented young woman who has so much to give this world.  You are going to be one beautiful bride, and boy, is Quinton one lucky groom.  You two seem like the perfect match (no pun intended with the tennis term).  Oh, and I know I may have taught you that “love” means nothing in the game of tennis, so please disregard that when applying that term to marriage.  ;)   Congratulations, Kaitlyn and Quinton!



{Morgan :: Newborn}

Newborn photography is not my forte because I typically just do a lot of outdoors natural light pictures.  However, I constantly preach to my high school English and Creative Writing students to go out of their comfort zones, so figured I should practice what I preach… or, well, teach.  When my good friend Ashley texted me about newborn photos on the day she went into labor, I  told her I would do it even though it was a little bit out of my good ol’ trusty comfort zone.  Plus, sister was about to be out of her comfort zone with pushing something out of a not so fun area; and the good Lord knows you really shouldn’t say no to a woman in labor.  Thank you, Ashley and Lucas, for allowing Baby Morgan to be my muse for newborn photos.  I am thankful for sweet friends and their support and love of allowing me to do what I love- to capture real life glimpses of time standing still, moments we can hold onto for the rest of our lives.

Oh, and Ashley is a graphic designer and Lucas can build basically anything.  He built the bed you’ll see in the photos, and Ashley’s house is filled with photographs that she paired with custom frames Lucas built.  There’s too much creativity in that house.  Cough, cough… I wish they would open a store.  I would buy everything in it.   Just saying.




Kalee & Matt: Wedding

Kalee and Matt’s wedding day was one filled with love, genuine sweetness, and a great deal of laughter.  Oh, and really good southern comfort food.  I don’t think there was a moment Kalee was not smiling throughout the day, and it may just have something to do with that groom of hers making her continuously laugh.  Kalee and Matt, may God shine His love down on you for your lifetime together.

P.S.  The Painted Lady, one of my favorite antique stores in downtown Clinton, decorated the reception venue with adorable props, furniture, and the cutest vintage chandelier  you ever did see.  Be sure to visit The Painted Lady the next time you’re antiquing.



Bailey: Senior Session

Graceful, photogenic, and kindhearted are just a few of the words that come to mind when I think of this next senior, Bailey.  Of course I said yes when she asked if I could take some action shots of her dancing, especially when the golden field was perfect lit on an evening when summer faded into fall. There’s something about capturing people doing what they love, doing something that makes them happy, that reciprocates happiness deep inside my soul.  Keep dancing, Bailey, you’re absolutely breathtaking.


Kristen: Senior Session

I was honored to take Kristen’s senior photos at the Knoxville Botanical Garden and Arboretum last month.  The hydrangeas and black-eyed susans were in full bloom, and the lush greenery and beautiful stone of the buildings are perfect for backdrops.  We might even have sneaked a picture of Kristen with Kaitlyn, her sweet sister.  One thing is for sure, Kristen is one of those girls whose smile is contagious and whose personality brightens anyone’s day.

Good luck this year in school and on the court, Kristen!

F a c e b o o k